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Hotstar is an online media streaming service that is owned by Novi Digital. This is a venture of Star India. Hotstar Premium APK is one of the most popular apps amongst teenagers and adults because of the content they provide. Initially, the service was launched for free. The hotstar service debuted in the year 2015 with just the cricket and other sports matches. Later on, all the other daily soaps, serials, and TV shows started to appear on the Hotstar Premium APK.

Now, the service works on a subscription model, and there is a charge that is levied on every customer. And against this subscription charge, Hotstar provides you access to all the shows, sports and other features of Hotstar Premium APK.

Let us know more about the hotstar service, and we’ll also walk you through the steps of downloading the Hotstar Premium APK on your Android smartphones and tablets.

Hotstar Premium APK

As it has been already mentioned that Hotstar Premium APK works on a lot of devices such as Windows PC, iPhone, and Android devices. And the main agenda of this app is to deliver content to their users.

Hotstar Premium APK offers content in various languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. Apart from all this users can stream the video content online via the internet.

More so, focused on delivering the sports-related content especially covering the IPL Cricket League matches, Hotstar Premium APK became pretty popular when it arrived.

As already mentioned, that initially the service was offered for free, but now there is a service charge that everybody needs to pay to get in.

Typically,  there are almost 50,000 hours of video content available on the Hotstar Premium APK in almost eight different languages. So far so good, let us talk about the features of Hotstar Premium APK in detail.

Hotstar Premium Apk Features

  • Over 50,000 hours of online video content that is available.
  • Multiple language sections. English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and more. The content is curated based on the language.
  • Apart from all this, the popular TV shows, like HBO TV Shows, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a half men are also available on the Hotstar Premium APK.
  • All the latest TV shows and serials are available.
  • Dedicated apps for Windows, iPhone, and Android devices are available.
  • The free version is supported by ads whereas the Hotstar Premium APK where you are asked for a subscription does not come with ads.
  • There are no buffering issues, the website and the app version just works flawlessly.
  • Furthermore, there is another version of Hotstar that works for Apple TV clients more so for the ones that are based away from India.
  • Cricket matches including the IPL, other league tournaments can be watched in real time.
  • Apart from this, other sports that are featured on the Star network can also be seen via the Hotstar Premium APK.
  • The Hotstar Premium APK provides the users with the ability to see the live scores, schedules, and fixtures, etc. also.
  • In the subscription plan using Hotstar Premium APK, you can also watch a list of Star channels.

features of Hotstar Premium APK

Out of the number of channels that are posted on the app, here are the four most-watched Hindi channels;

  1. Star Plus
  2. Star Vijay
  3. Asianet
  4. Life OK
  5. Star World
  6. Hotstar Premium APK has now become one of the most popular video streaming services in India.

So these were, some of the best features offered by the app. Now we will jump right into the installation and download part of the Hotstar Premium APK.

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Hotstar Premium Apk Download and Installation

So as this app is the paid version of the original free app. You are supposed to pay some amount for downloading the app and for the subscription also. While officially downloading the app from the Google Play Store you may also get an initial free period to test the app. Unfortunately, there is no way to download the app for free.

So if, you are interested in downloading the app after paying the fees to follow these steps.

  • First, make sure that your Android device is connected to the internet.
  • Now open up the Google Play Store app and search for Hotstar Premium APK.
  • Once the results are displayed, you are supposed to tap on the first result, which says Hotstar Premium APK.
  • Make sure to tap on the install button. And pay for the amount it asks for.
  • This will install the app on your Android device. Now you can watch all the content that is available on the app right in the palm of your hands.

For the users who want to download the app for free, there is another way. You are not supposed to pay why this method but it ensures that you will get the Hotstar Premium APK.

get hotstar premium

The method will be going to use here is called as sideloading.

Sideloading is a procedure where you install unsigned apps. The unsigned apps are the app that is being downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Store. Here is how you can do that;

  • The method is pretty simple. You are required to download the Hotstar Premium APK.
  • You can search for the file via Google. Make sure to choose the download source that is trustable. Otherwise, your phone may get damaged.
  • In most cases the top results are generally trustable on Google.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, make sure to store it in a location from where you can access it later on.
  • Before proceeding to the installation process, we will first have to remove the restrictions.
  • Android file system imposes some restrictions so that the users are not able to install unsigned apps directly. To bypass this restriction;
  • Make sure to go to the settings app and check for the account security section.
  • When in the account security section look for ‘unknown sources’ option.
  • By default this option is selected as ‘turned off,’ and this is what prevents us from installing the third party apps.
  • Simply use the toggle controls to turn it on.
  • Now using a file manager navigate to the folder where you recently downloaded the Hotstar Premium APK.
  • Now tap on the app icon to begin its installation.
  • Once the app is downloaded, make sure to confirm its presence in the app drawer.

Download Hotstar Premium Apk

Hotstar Premium Apk – Activation

There is one more step where you are needed to activate the app. Here is how you can do that,

to the app has been installed properly make sure to open the app and hit on the sign-up button.

  • Create the account by providing the relevant information such as your name and email address.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the payment details.
  • Create a virtual credit card or debit card via the service called as Entropay.
  • Just add a little money, as we are getting the first-month subscription for free, you’ll not be charged the amount.
  • Enter the details of the virtual credit card or debit card that you just created and proceed to the next.
  • Hotstar Premium APK will confirm that the information entered by you is correct and you will get with 30 days account.
  • You can cancel the subscription within these 30 days to make sure no more amount is debited from your virtual credit card or debit card.

Hotstar Premium Apk – Known Issues

Sometimes the app may not work properly.

  • This can be fixed by checking your internet connection speed and bandwidth.
  • Check whether there are any background apps that are consuming data.
  • If you find any suspicious app that is hogging up your internet bandwidth simply remove that app from memory.
  • Furthermore, even after performing such steps the Hotstar Premium APK fails to load the content. Make sure to clear the cache and data from the app. and perform the initial setup of the app once again. Don’t worry you won’t lose any data as it is stored in the cloud.
  • Also, you can try checking for a VPN provider if your ISP doesn’t allow you to connect to the Hotstar Premium APK service.

Hotstar Premium Apk – Final Words

Hotstar Premium APK is by far one of the most competitive apps when it comes to media streaming apps in India. Sure, services like Netflix and Amazon Prime video has already arrived in India but Hotstar Premium APK being the first one in the market still ranks up.

This may be because of the ability to provide sports and cricket related videos and live streams to their uses which on the other hand is not available on Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

Share your valuable feedback about Hotstar Premium APK and if you have any questions or queries regarding the installation of Hotstar Premium APK let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more such amazing content.

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Download and Install Hotstar Premium Apk
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