How to Download Kik for Mac/PC – [Latest guide 2019]

Technology is augmenting from deep down the earth to high in the sky. We have stuff coming, evolving and advancing each day around us. And now we are at that stage where we have smarter tools to have real-time interaction with your loved ones living abroad sitting at your couch through the instant interaction tools or applications.

Among the most famous and rich-featured applications, there is Kik Messenger that’s turning many heads.

What is Kik Messenger?

kik for mac

Like any other instant messaging apps that let you interact with your clients, friends, family or loved ones, Kik Messenger does the same and is making big waves in the industry. The best thing about this application that lures in the people is that it is less annoying and lets you do get your work done in a short while.

Keeping in mind the basic demands of any user like fast, reliable, bug-free, etc., this application is made to satisfy the users. With no tough features and easy downloading, installing and account set-up, call it a user-friendly application.

However, with all the advancement and development, the Kik messenger is not available for the flagship operating system Mac. But this is not it!

Since we live in a technological world, we have alternatives for every aspect and so we have in this case too. We got many alternatives that help us use Kik Messenger on Mac. But before we proceed to get started with the downloading of Kik Messenger on Mac, let’s dig in the features of this instant messaging tool for Mac.

Features of Kik for Mac

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Well, if you are thinking why should you go the extra mile to download an instant messaging application that is not available for Mac when you have other amazing apps in the same domain for Mac. Here’s why!

The Kik Messenger has more features under its hood than you assume. Here is the compiled list of some of the features that will define why Kik is popular and why should you download it.

  • Connect Automatically

When a number that is already recorded on your phone is registered, the app sends the first message to your friend and notifies you both to connect using the app. However, you also got the option to manually send invitations to people you know by email, text, or through other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Message Receipt Notification

Whenever a user sends or receives a message, a notification pops up notifying the user and a user can also check whether the recipient read the message sent by the user. The user is available with the option of customizing the notification sounds and other notification related stuff.

  • Live typing

The user is enabled to see the chat every time you or other Kik users added in your chat list are typing a message. That gets useful to know who you can expect to receive the message from within seconds. 

  • Kik Codes

Every user has an access code from its settings on the home page. It can be found in the upper-left corner of the chat tab from the gear symbol. In order to add a user from the code, go to search icon, select find people and then click on analyze Property code.

This feature requires permissions from the camera to scan the code and add another user code.

  • Profile Integration

When you set up an account on Kik Messenger, you have your own username and account. The profile integration feature allows you to customize the profile image and contact information.

  • Chat customization

The users are all free to customize how their chat looks like. They can choose the colors they want for their chat bubbles.

  • Group Conversations

The user can also start his/her own group conversation by typing start group in the search bar and adding the users to the group.

  • Free video chat

The Kik recently added another great feature under its hood that allows users to have a real-time video chat with their friends, family, and dear ones.

  • Free Multimedia messaging

The users are not just bound to the typical word chats but they can also have fun sending the photos, gifs, sketches, videos, emojis and more.

So, what else would you need? Now that these features got you convinced why you need this instant messaging tool, let’s proceed to know what extra miles you need to go to download this app on your Mac as this application is not available for Mac.

In earlier times, not so long ago, there was no alternative that could make it easy to download Kik on Mac. But let’s not forget that technology evolves each day and we are reaching higher levels of advancements.

However, now it is possible to use Kik for Mac easily on any platform without any software addition, useless extensions, browsing or any other stuff.

All you will need to do is to go through just one extra setup and you are all good to go.

Installation of Kik on Mac

 kik for mac

Follow the steps below and get started with the Kik for Mac on any IOS device:

Step 1 – At first, you will need to download and install Bluestacks. Open the browser and search for Bluestacks, follow the simple instructions and download the file.

Step 2 – After the file is downloaded, double click on it to set up and tun it. The file might take a few seconds to get installed. Wait for a while and open the software and sign up by using the Google account.

Step 3 – Set up the account on Bluestacks and complete the instructions if you found any. Now open the application on Bluestacks named as Google Play Store and search for the Kik Messenger.

Step 4 – Find the Kik Messenger and click on the install button. The application will install in a few minutes.

Step 5 – Once the installation is done, create your Kik Messenger account.

Voila! Now get started with the Kik Messenger and send messages to your loved ones.

Wrapping Up!

The Kik Messenger app can be used on any of the smartphone platforms like IOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. Though we have dime a dozen instant messaging apps available in the market for various platform, the Kik messenger is unique with the amazing and exciting features under its hood making it one of the most popular and most used application.

Its reliability and unique user-friendly interface attract the audiences and engage them in. All you need is a good and secured internet connection to get going with the sharing of audio, video and text messages within a few seconds through this amazing instant messaging tool, the Kik Messenger.

So, download it today and enjoy!

Happy chatting!

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