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Join the cute and grumpy birds as they fight the mischievous pigs on their journey to retrieve the lost eggs. Protect the small and fragile eggs from the hungry stomach of the green pig tribe. Fight your way through their defenses as you help our angry birds on their adventures. Immerse yourself in this addictive and enjoyable experience on your mobile devices. Choose from different birds with unique powers to help them take down the ruined fort that was built by the greedy pigs to protect themselves from their acts of revenge. In the game, players will have the opportunity to play as the cute and interesting birds from the world-famous mobile game series, Angry Birds. The game begins when the birds suddenly discover that their beloved eggs have been stolen by the nasty pigs. This means that the survival of the Angry Birds is at stake and you will have to recover the eggs at any cost. Join the group of friends who are preparing to search for the eggs and bring them back safely from the hands of the evil pigs.


Download Angry Birds MOD APK

Download Angry Birds

App NameAngry Birds
Size68 MB
Latest Versionv2.58.0
MOD InfoDiamonds/EnergyBlack Pearls
UpdateOctober 13, 2021


For starters, Angry Birds Classic players will have access to simple and intuitive controls that allow them to quickly become familiar with the game and the mechanics. With that said, you can easily select attack options, target pigs, and set your power meter however you like. Use the smooth and satisfying touch controls to fire perfect shots at the enemies. You will quickly get acquainted with the simple game of Angry Birds. But that’s just the beginning, as the game has so much more to offer. That said, it will take you quite a while to get really good at Angry Birds. Be a pro and shoot a satisfying slingshot towards the greedy pig to finish them off. To allow players to vary their tactics and approaches at a certain level, the game features different birds with unique powers. So depending on your tactics and situations, you can collect different birds to take with you before each match. Blow up its entire construction with your explosive attacks or penetrate through its weak points to collapse the defenses.

Fun And Satisfying Gameplay


Play through the 15 original Angry Birds episodes as you join a group of friends on fun adventures. Besides that, with more than 680 levels, you will have a lot of fun with this game. Not to mention, the newly added levels every day will make completing the game almost impossible. Unleash your bird’s potential with incredible benefits
And to make your squad of birds even more powerful, you can make use of the many power-ups and benefits that are featured in Angry Birds. That said, you can give them better explosive or penetrating powers to pierce through even the most formidable defenses. However, since these benefits are extremely valuable, you will have to use them wisely as you will not get a second chance. Of course, to rival your unique powers, even pigs must equip themselves with equipment to hope they can survive your attacks. So make sure you are ready to fight pigs with helmets, shields, etc.

Enjoy The Amazing Features

With different birds that possess unique powers, you will smash your birds against the fort of the enemies to knock them down. Each level will feature a unique defense of the pigs, it is your job to locate the weak points and attack with absolute powers. Eliminate them quickly and efficiently to advance to the next level with three-star rewards. The fights between you and the pesky pigs will continue for as long as you want. Along with the already addictive offline gameplay, Angry Birds players can also take part in the online competition while participating in the Mighty League. Here, you can challenge online players from everywhere or your friends on social media through epic challenges. Choose from a variety of different tactics and fight your enemies well. Travel through multiple levels and experience the stories through different episodes. The game presents players with a series of different episodes that will take them through exciting Angry Birds adventures. With each episode, players will have the opportunity to experience unique and enjoyable levels.

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